Beers currently on tap at Seedstock Brewery:

Cream Ale    4.2% ABV
Our cream ale was born to a blue-collar family and raised on hard work.  It’s a mid-19th Century beer that is pale straw in color with a faint malt aroma.  It has a slight corn-sweetness and finishes dry and crisp – very thirst-quenching.  Pairs well with an honest day’s work.

Czech Pilsner    5.8% ABV
Straw-yellow in color, with thick white head.  Complex and distinct pilsner aroma. Balanced bitterness with a clean, dry finish. Pairs well with a good hike.

Premium Czech Lager   5.8% ABV

Pale amber in color. Bready maltiness with strong but clean bitterness. Subtle sweetness and dry finish make this beer balanced and refreshing. Pairs well with a slight nod of the head.

Herbstbier     5.3% ABV

A seasonal German “autumn beer”.  Color of autumn-amber-leaves with a crisp malty aroma. Slight honey and caramel flavor with a clean Fall finish. Pairs well with a comfortable sweatshirt.

Bohemian Ale    6.2% ABV
New copper in color with a slightly tart and citrus aroma.  Czech Kazbek hops provides an earthy spiciness combined with a slight citrus flavor.  Has a moderate hop bitterness at the finish. Pairs well with conversation.

Bohemian Dunkel    6.2% ABV
Czech dark lager with a slightly roasty toffee aroma. Not as sweet as its German neighbor, crisp clean finish.  Pairs well with a pulse.

IPA    6.2% ABV
This is our 'No Coast' style IPA. Mosaic hop provides generous aroma of tangerine and grapefruit. Medium body, tropical citrus hop notes with moderate bitterness to create a sessionable beer. Pairs well with a comfortable chair.

Black IPA    6.6% ABV
Our black IPA has a hoppy and slightly toasty aroma.  Rich and creamy mouthfeel with a smooth hop finish. Pairs well with leftovers.

Vanilla Espresso Stout  4.9% ABV
Mocha espresso aroma, with a full and creamy mouthfeel.  Subtle hint of sweet vanilla and finishes with roasty espresso. Pairs well with dessert.